ASSEMBLY_Raise the Roof Exhibtion, RIBA

Assembly is a unique piece in direct response to the Dominion Screen found within the Henry Florence Memorial Hal. Giles Tettey Nartey has designed a functional item, inviting people to gather and directly interact with the piece. It will facilitate and hold space for visitors to reflect on the symbols and representations featured in the screen. The item will challenge the relevance and meaning of these motifs, especially within architecture today. Made from the same material, Quebec Pine as the Dominion Screen, the intention is to create a device that encourages discourse, inviting voices from the diaspora and beyond, suggesting a more inclusive and open conversation within the profession. This engagement will offer a space for diverse expression, with the potential to create a new canon, revealing the many cultural inputs and global networks which facilitate a multifaceted and vibrant exchange.


Photographer:       Agnese Sanvito
                             Jackie King