‘Communion’ is a communal pounding table designed as a reimagination of the practice of making ‘fufu’. The work looks to create and reframe a traditional Ghanaian process of pounding cassava and plantain with mortar (woduro) and pestle (woma) as a communal act where multiple people can collectively engage in the making of ‘Fufu’ as a shared everyday act transformed into performance. The design centers the process of collectively making and sharing a meal as point for exchange and discussion. 

The design features an outer shared table designed with dents, grooves, bowls, and bumps which facilities and supports the preparation and making process. There is a central table intended for the serving and sharing of the meal. The design also includes a series of mortar and pestles along with stools inspired by traditional Ashanti stools as well as ubiquitous kitchen stools found throughout Ghana. These stools are designed to be carried and held by the body. 

The ritual of making and eating fufu in Ghana is a deeply ingrained cultural practice that goes beyond mere food preparation. It can be seen as a performative art form, where two performers engage in a rhythmic and synchronized process, creating a choreography of movement and sound. The interaction between the two performers, one turning the pounded mixture and the other pounding, is akin to a dance. They strive to reach a point of synchronicity, where their actions complement each other seamlessly. Each movement and strike of the wooden pestle against the wooden mortar contributes to the creation of a distinct rhythm and tempo.


Photographers:       Christian Cassiel
                               Cas Jones 

Special Thanks to AHEC