Interplay is an exploration of the continual dialogue between craft and ritual, the inanimate and the human processes which animate. The piece reimagines a traditional west African bench-bed as a shared skin, with engraved and overlapped narratives occupying its marked surface. ‘interplay’ proposes a performative interaction, it embeds the game known in Ghana as ‘Oware’ within its form and suggest a spatial negotiation between the game, a communal bench, and a daybed. This convergence, this interplay of actions and imprinted modes of usage, invites moments of individual repose, communal exchange, and shared moments of play. ‘Interplay’ exists not as a mere artefact but as a living embodiment of the dynamic interplay between tradition, craft, play and the rituals of daily life. discussion.


Photographers:       Andy Stagg 
                               Giles Tettey Nartey